Reyoung Pharmaceutical Co,.Ltd

  Reyoung Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, which was converted into a limited company under the PRC law in 1998 and is now a Singapore-listed company, was established in 1966. The company is an ISO9001、ISO14001、OHS18001 authentication enterprise and possess postdoctoral programme and ERP system and so on. The trademark of “瑞阳” is famous trademark of China.
reyoung Products
  It covers an area of more than 343,000 square meters, with the total asset of USD100 millions. There is more than 3000 staff in Reyoung Pharm., of whom approximate 21 percents of the total staff is sales&marketing personnel. All the workshops, which can produce eight categories and more than 340 specifications of pharmaceutical products including tablets, capsules, granules, sterile active ingredients, small volume injection, powder for injection, lyophilized powder for injection, suppository, have passed GMP certification of the Chinese SFDA. The sales and marketing network for its products covers all the big and medium cities throughout the mainland of PRC, the domestic mark turnover of 2008 will be 10 hundred millions.